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Dude, if you haven’t ready anything by Jaclyn Moriarty you are seriously missing out.  She is a genius and amazingly talented at challenging  the form and structure of a novel. 

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After a completely crappy day I was happy to find my Lizzie Bennet Diaries Dvd set in the mailbox.  Also loved the little stuff they added in to make up for the delay.  Very sweet and I can’t wait to watch the series again and all of the extras!

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I saw The Lion King at the Fox Theater in Atlanta today and holy crap my mind is blown.  I am absolutely stunned by the talent of those performers and the utter beauty of  the music and story.  It was glorious and I sobbed internally the whole show.  So gorgeous.

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simba got a new maine


simba got a new maine

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deliver us
hear our call
deliver us
lord of all
remember us
deliver us

Elohim, God on high, can you hear your people cry?

(Deliver Us, The Prince of Egypt)

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matilda (1996)

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Oh, when a crime breaks out,
all the cute girls shout,
get the good-looking guy.
When there’s a crime out there,
he’s gonna comb his hair,
'cause he's the good-looking guy.

Book em’ good lookin’.

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If you would be so kind and check out my mom’s etsy shop, that would be so sweet of you.  She has such cute stuff on here including adorable bibs that would make awesome baby shower presents. AND THEY ARE UNDER $10 INCLUDING SHIPPING!  Tell me you can find a single item for that price at a store.  Nope.  And you may think you don’t need to think about baby shower gifts, but if you haven’t noticed a trend on your facebook feed…you will soon.  Trust me. 

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